Low Salt Bread Recipes

These terrific low salt bread recipes have been chosen for their flavor and rising ability. After all, no one like a flat loaf of bread.

If you thought leaving out the salt in bread making would leave you, well, flat...think again!

Many of these low salt recipes are automatic bread machine recipes, but you can EASILY prepare any bread recipe here without a bread machine.

To do make a homemade bread recipe by hand, simply mix the yeast and sweetener (if any)in a small bowl, along with the recipe liquid that has been heated to not over 105*.

Next, and let this mixture rise for 10 minutes. Mix this yeast mixture into the rest of the ingredients and let the dough rise for 60 minutes. Punch the bread dough down.

For the next and final rise for your home made bread recipe, shape your bread dough into your baking pan, or form into a loaf shape by hand, and let it rise again until doubled. Bake as directed.

These particular homemade bread recipes, low sodium bread recipes are for one loaf, unless otherwise noted.

Low Salt Homemade Bread Recipes

French Baquette (with garlic...or not)
Honey Whole Wheat Bread
Italian Peasant Bread
Low Salt Whole Wheat Bread
Pita Bread
White Bread

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