Low Salt Entrees

Terrific Low Salt Entrees including beef, pork, seafood, veggies and poultry, all with very little salt! And many low sodium entree recipes.

These low sodium recipes have been designed to lighten up on the sodium, while bringing all that good, fresh taste forward. So often we hide the true flavor of so many of our favorite foods by over-seasoning with salt and sodium-added seasonings.

Learn More about Low Salt Recipes

I offer many diverse low sodium entree recipes which are updated daily. (Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter Fresh Ideas for the latest no salt recipes!) Dishes that differ from the usual baked-broiled-boiled recipes that the term "salt-free" conjures up in the minds of the general public.

Instead, there can be delicious dining at the dinner table without the salt shaker anywhere in sight. Try any of the following low-sodium recipes and find out for yourself.

Attempting to figure out sodium "per serving" will make you crazy. If you try to calculate the amount of sodium in an entire recipe and then estimate how much you eat: 1/4 recipe, 1/2 recipe, etc,... you will have better, and easier results.

Most cuts of meat are naturally low in sodium to begin with. Now I have taken your favorites and created low salt recipes with so much flavor you will not miss the salt shaker one bit. Guaranteed!

Top 5 Low Salt Recipes

1. Low Salt Vegetarian Entrees

Entrees with low salt content will be a welcomed
from the usual over-seasoning that is the norm.

2. Low Sodium Beef Entrees

These beef dishes are hearty and so full of flavor you will prepare them again and again.

3. Low Salt Poultry Entrees

Cooking poultry with little or no salt only enriches the natural taste we all desire.

4. Low Salt Entrees with Seafood

Seafood naturally contains more sodium than other entrees, needless to say this delicacy never should have added salt.

5. Low Salt Pork and Lamb Entrees

Lamb has bit of a gamey taste that can be lost if to much salt is used. Pork can become over salted if you're not careful so taste as you go along.