Low Salt Thanksgiving Recipes

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Low Salt Thanksgiving Recipes, because in America, Thanksgiving is centered around the meal. When you wish to cut down on the sodium content of the traditional foods, for reasons of taste or health, consider these re-worked favorites.

The flavors of these wonderful dishes shine through, without adding any additional salt.

The items we splurge on at this meal are the pumpkin pie at 140mg of sodium per slice, and the cornbread muffins at 120mg of sodium. You know your own sodium limits, just enjoy your feast.

Remember to use no-salt-added butter when a recipe calls for butter, and choose no-salt-added or low sodium broths and you won't notice any taste difference ... neither will your guests! These Low Sodium Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes will not leave you flat.

Let us remember to give Thanks for fresh and tasty, unsalted foods to enjoy and the warm, engaging company with which to share it with.

Low Salt Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

Pre Thanksgiving Dinner Appetizers

Red Pepper Bruschetta recipe
Cold Appetizer, Spinach Dip Recipe
Smoked Turkey Bites Appetizer Recipe

The Turkey and Stuffings:

Low Salt Roast Turkey Recipe
Low Salt Stuffing Recipe
Noodle Stuffing Recipe

Low Salt Side Dishes

Barley and Cranberry Pilaf Recipe
Corn Casserole (make it ahead, simply re-heat it) Recipe
Green Beans with Onion Recipe
Wild Rice Recipe
Low Salt Yam Recipe

Great Salads for Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes Meal Ideas

Cranberry Salad Recipe with Apples and Walnuts
Arugula Salad with Oranges Recipe
Fresh Citrus Salad Recipe


Cornbread Muffins Recipe
Cranberry Orange Quick Bread Recipe
Focaccia Bread Recipe


Apple Crumble Dessert Recipe
Orange Blueberry Spongecake Recipe (you won't believe how EASY this is!)
Pumpkin Pie Recipe

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